John Piazza "Senior"

Piazza’s Fine Foods has been locally owned by it’s founder, John Piazza Senior, who came
to the United States in 1933 from his birthplace in Sicily, Italy. Mr. Piazza had a dream of
one day owning a local grocery just like the one he used to walk to with his father in their
small village in Sicily. Since then, he made his dream come true in the United States in 1946,
when he returned from World War II. His dream was to provide a place where people can find
natural and healthy foods. Piazza’s Fine Foods has fresh organic produce from local farms, the
highest quality all natural and hormone free meats and seafood, natural body care, specialty
products that are wheat and gluten free for a specialized diet. Piazza’s also cares about its customers
so we provide world class customer service, employees that care and a commitment
to our community.