Additional Resources

Floral Managers:
Palo Alto: Reyna Gonzalez
San Mateo: Janibeth Pinal

For additional information on flower selection and arranging, please visit the following site link:


Fresh cut flowers and blooming potted plants bring beauty into our personal world. Which one of us doesn’t need that?

Our flower market brings you fragrant freshly cut seasonal flowers from our local growers. We have bouquets of many varieties as well as bunches of the same flowers if you have a particular favorite. We will even make a special arrangement for you when you have a special occasion.

Our potted plants range from just plain beautiful to rare and exotic. They are perfect for a greenhouse window or in front of another window anywhere in your home to give them the light they need to thrive.

Come in and browse: for you or for any of the wonderful people in your life.